Although writing has never been my intended career, as I have written over the years more and more books, the thought has likewise grown on me more and more. After the completion of my first book, it came as a surprise that I wanted to write more, seeing as I had been under the impression that I would be done after that! But I am happy to say now, that I love writing fun books and stories and there’s nothing like settling down at the computer with a glass of cool chocolate milk and typing away!

Anyways, to the details. I have been writing for three years on multiple projects and I currently live in Arkansas, learning to write for the glory of God. I know how to speak some Spanish, and I’ve played the Piano for 7 years!

And I think it goes without saying… I LOVE to read, it’s relaxing, and really, if I hadn’t of read the things I’ve read, my works never would have turned out the way I wanted them to.